About Us

Water-to-Go LWelcomeIrelandtd was created for one sole purpose – to eliminate the scourge of single-use water bottles. The company’s founders were textile manufacturers that distributed clothing brands across the world. After frequent business trips to India, Indonesia and China they were disgusted to see the growing mountains of plastic waste whenever they visited an industrial area. The main contributor to the problem was discarded single-use plastic water bottles.

The original idea was a simple one – a reusable water bottle. But the issue was, (and still is for many) what happens when you can’t safely fill your water bottle? You are forced to purchase single-use bottled water. So, the search for a solution began.

Work began on advancing a technology that was originally developed for NASA. From this, the Water-to-Go ‘3in1 Filters’ were born! Combining three different technologies, the results were perfect for all outdoor pursuits and travel as all microbiological contaminants are filtered to well in excess of 99.9% (see testing).

The company soon recognised the huge demand for an ‘everyday’ version of the bottle and filter. Using exactly the same technology, Water-to-Go released their 500ml, GO! Bottle, for use in commuting, gym & fitness, sports, pregnancy and general well being.

The company has continued to grow year on year and in a very short time, has not only added distributors and retailers across the World, but also fostered partnerships with a large number of campaigning charities including, the Marine Conservation Society and the Travel Foundation to Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) and Child Aid Gambia.