Welcome to Water-to-Go Ireland

Welcome to Water-to-Go Ireland…

We produce lightweight, reusable water bottles with a 3-in-1 filter in the neck that cleans the water as you drink.

Using technology originally developed for NASA, Water-to-Go products filters well in excess of 99.9% of chemicals, like Chlorine and Fluoride, Heavy metals, like Lead as well as Bacteria like Cryptosporidium and, importantly, viruses. They also remove any bad taste or smell from the water. We provide the technology that can prevent people getting sick, save lives and stops the World filling up with plastic waste.

Discover why the Water-to-Go system is different to all filter water bottles in the market. Learn how our reusable water bottles filter non-salt water sources to give you clean, healthy water wherever you are in the world. Our filtered water bottles are available on our website or from selected stockists in Ireland.

Check out our intro video below and find out how Water-to-Go can work for you!


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