Environmental Facts

  • plasticpollutionOver 70 BILLION single-use plastic water bottles are consumed every year just in the USA and Europe. It is estimated that only of 20% are recycled. That means that over 50 billion bottles end up in landfill or pollute our oceans every year.
  • Plastic never disappears. Over time, it breaks down but just into smaller and smaller pieces which get being eaten by animals/fish and end up in the food chain.
  • Manufacturing single-use plastics wastes our natural resources. Fill up your bottle with oil to a fifth of its capacity to witness how much oil is used in manufacturing the bottle and shipping it to you!
  • For every 1 litre of bottled water in your local supermarket, 3 litres have been used to make and ship it to you.
  • A huge number of plastic bottles are discarded and make their way to the ocean via rivers. It is estimated that 1 million sea birds and 100,000 mammals are killed annually from ingesting or becoming trapped in plastic waste.
  • Using a Water-to-Go bottle can help reduce plastic waste and preserve natural resources. Turn any water  ‘better than bottled’ quality wherever you are!


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